Community Groups:  Reach out to the World

Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said, “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.”  Any opportunity we have to meet a need is what we are all about.  Our community groups are designed to go into the community and be a blessing.  

What is the focus of a community group?

Our focus is to love the people in our community in very practical ways.


How does a group form and get going?

We believe that EVERY member is a minister and should serve like Jesus.

Therefore, anybody can lead a group.

Begin with what is breaking your heart.

Then, pray and look for where God is already working near you.

Determine what you believe needs to be done.

Gather your team and go and serve.


What breaks your heart?

There are lots of things happening that shouldn’t be happening such as:  Broken families, children behind in their studies, financial problems, relationship struggles, addictions, selfishness, religion is just a Sunday thing, etc.


What is the solution?

We are the solution.

When we get face to face and help, then we are being the hands and feet of Jesus.


Who can be involved?

We believe that there are many unchurched (disconnected) people that want to serve too.

So, we encourage you to invite them first to join your group.

In fact, your community group may help the unchurched follow Jesus.

PLEASE be mindful of their lack of bible knowledge.

Don’t speak churchanese and no weird spiritual overtones.


What are some examples of community groups in action?

Free tutoring                                                 Adopt a school

Adopt a neighborhood                                 Health fair

Apartment ministries                                  Church yard sale

Rake and Run                                               Back to School Expo

Piggy back off of community events          Operation 1 Day

Block/Backyard party                                  Laundry Mat Loving

Free Garden on our property                     Help the homeless

Compassion pregnancy                               Adopt a local sports team

Nursing home                                               Financial counseling

Bowling for benevolence                             Restaurant 10% fundraiser





Pastor Matt in Prague           Operation 1 Day 2013

Pastor Matt in PragueOperation 1 Day