We understand visiting a new church is a big deal. Therefore, we hope these answers to FAQ will help ease your mind so you can get closer to God this Sunday.
1. What kind of church is Life of Purpose?
We are a non-denominational Christian church. We are here to help you get closer to God, understand the Bible and love one another. If you want to know our  core values and statement of faith please click HERE
2. What time is service?
Service begins at 11am on Sunday and 7pm on Wednesday. However, if you have children, please arrive a little early and check them in if they will be attending nursery or children’s church. We also have coffee and snacks available before service begins and an adult bible study at 9:45am on Sunday.
3. Where are you located and where do I park? 
We are located at 20880 E. 10 Mile in St. Clair Shores, MI just West of Harper and the Belle Tire store. Our parking lot is located right next to our building and there is an additional lot available. 
4. What is expected of me?
Our hope is that you get closer to God on Sunday morning through the music and message. We also hope you will meet some great people and make new friends. We will mention connection cards for you to fill out which helps us answer your questions and pray for you.
5. Is there a dress code?
Yes, please wear clothes! All joking aside, most people dress casual. So, wear what makes you comfortable because Jesus cares more about your heart than anything else.
6. How do I get connected if I love Life of Purpose?
We believe the church is the body of Christ (God’s people) and NOT a building. Therefore, we hope you will connect through relationships. We have bible studies, volunteer opportunities and special events happening all the time. These are great ways to connect. Pastor Matt would also like to meet with you and hear your story. He often teaches a class that explains what it means to be a member of God’s church.
7. How do I reach you if I have other questions?
Please call anytime 586.381.4852 or email
Our church family looks forward to meeting you soon.